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Frequently Asked Questions

- Septic: How do I obtain an on-site soil evaluation?

- Septic: How much do the evaluation and permits cost?

- Septic: Should I build my house before I get a soil evaluation done?

You must get the soil evaluation and septic permits from the local county health department BEFORE you are able to get your building permit.  It is also wise to have this done prior to construction because installing the septic system in the best area on the considered property should be a high priority.  I have seen too many buildings erected on the site in the prime place in which the septic system should have been installed, creating a host of problems which could have easily been avoided, if the placing of the septic system would have been considered first.

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- Septic: Why is a soil evaluation necessary?

- Septic: My wife and I are considering building a house on an undeveloped piece of property where sewers are not available. What would be the things I need to do to begin the process?